i'm future science teachers .i think govt is doing wats best for the majority of malaysian students.
it's true that ppsmi can improve english proficency, but only if the student is already at the average level of proficency.

in our scenario, the question we should ask ourselves is, how many students are there in malaysia already at the average level? - only a minority living in urban and all other elite area with english- speaking family background.we have to accept the fact that the majority of malaysian students are still below basic level.so, let's not be selfish about this issue; think about the rest.

my suggestion is govt should prepare an english foundation course for spm leavers who wish to enroll in science-math based - courses like engineering ,architecture or medic so that they won't be left behind at universitiy.thus, malaysia's improvement in science and tech will be at the same level with the rest of the leading countries.a win - win situation ain't it?

actually English in maths or sciences isn't that important .comprehend the meaning of the language and strengthen up one's speaking skills .really do need practice a lot .cheer up youth Malaysian. giving out your guts all we need is talk , talk and talk ..

we can focus on improving the quality of english teachers...i think that's more doable then focusing on the students. if the students are being taught by good teachers with the drive to personally see her or his students excel in the language. bring back corul speaking and choirs and literature class and interact clubs and dramas. make the learning process interesting - make it easy - make it fun! lucky for me i had the best teachers one could ever ask for.

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