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First thing you must do is to answer all question honestly and then follow the instruction after you finish answer all these questions .

Two names you go by?
alie , ali ( only my family members)

What 2 things you are wearing right now?
short pants and g-string for others but not me k...

Are you in a Relationship?
yes i am..

Have you ever been given a rose?
yup..it about a long time ago...repeats again...long time ago...pink rose~alert plz

Have you ever licked a photo?
such the last things that i will i do

Have you ever been in love?
yeah...make me flying without wing and falling down kiss the floor when it turn annoying

Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?

What's your current problem?
trying to finish this pantun before meet with our pengarah this week~

Have you ever had your heart broken?
yeah...it's puppy love and remember it just like u play a comedy movie

Do you have a crush?

How many kids do you want to have?
never thinking bout that~i have such many thing to think be4 it comes about that..

What is/are your favorite color/colors?
black blue and green

Have you ever found it hard to tell anyone you like them?
of course...i'm not a girl not yet a woman

Imagine youre 40 & your spouse just died would you get re-married?
i't hard to forget someone who are sharing ur life with u,being a nice partner of u and being ur strong backbone...to forget him is not easy work but to keep it somewhere in deep of my my heart to fulfill someone new...it can be possible but it wouldn't be same anymore...
so just re-married k...

What song do you want played at your wedding?
bukan cinta biasa -afgan

Do you like/love anyone?
hmmmm~yes i'am

Do you think the person(s) you like/ loves love /likes you back?
seem like he is too naughty behind of me...love him n hate him too~

Have you ever written a love song/ poem/ letter/ note?
almost of the time...

Do you want to get married?
when i'm sure that he is my half of heart,the the unity of two heart become one

Are you a shy person?
lately yes i am...

Did you have a good day today?
yup~got rm 3090~driving car~

Where did you just get back from?
jertih which i'm always mention it as jerantut...

What are you thinking about?
my pantun la...

If you could change something about you or anything what would it be?
i want to comeback to my old skool memory...being a students in raja sakti

Would you ever go back to any of your past relationships?
impossible,i'm not trying to be perampas like what i got from the quiz in facebook..he is married man...

Whose the closest person/people near you ?
my dearest friends in ipgm...shu sha nabila kak lin biela asraf mus adam kak yana and last but not least is him..

Whats the thing you love most about the person you love?
cannot be described by words...

After you have finished answering all the questions, tagged 5 people that you know
just ignored bout it~all readers can be tagged k..

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