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List down 5 people who you know. Write a short description of each person based on physical attributes, dressing, personalities and habit.

This is actually Madam Norazah last exercises for us~since that next week is our last lecture..than study week will take over until the end month of May..

Nor Azzariah ( my sister )

My youngest sister has a big size and taller than me even though I am her eldest sisters. People always think that I am her youngest sister. She has well-tanned skin like my mothers and broad hand. Since that she has a big in size she is not very fashionable or up to date like her friends. The way her dressing always make me gloomy because almost of the time she having difficult to find a right size. I can wear her dress but she can’t wear my dress. Every Hari Raya she always makes me feel so bad because I’m wearing a new shoes and she just wearing a sandals that she bought in ‘pasar malam’ because we having problem to find her size. Since last 2 years, I’m not bought new shoes for Hari Raya anymore because I didn’t want her feel sad.

She is the nicest and gentle girl between us since that she always spends her time with my mother. She always accompanies our mother to hospital during my mother chemotherapy. She is stronger than me because she never drops her tears when looking for my mother during the chemotherapy. She has beautiful smile when she smiling to others, that her habit most people love to.

Mokhtar (my father)

My father already 51 years old but he still looks handsome and tough. He has whisker and white curly hair. He is taller than us and the most fair between us too. He is quite up to date and has a smart personality. When he go to school to teach he prefer to looks smart and tight with his branded shoes and long sleeves. He love to wears color that I hate most: pink but he looks nice with that color, maybe because he has fair skin. He has an orchard and every evening he will go to visit his orchard using his motorcycle. He wears ‘kain pelikat ‘, dirty shirt just looks like a farmers and that was obviously contra with his style when he go to school.

He is discipline teacher so that he has a cruel face but I’m not scare with it because he is funny father for my siblings. He already got DG 44 and now trying hard to get DG48, which shows he is ambitious persons. Age is not obstacles to get another successful. He is also a patient man. It was proved during my mother having her difficult time: he never shows her tire and trying his best to comfort my mother. His habit is he loves to bring a box of mineral bottle in his car and prefer to drive his motorcycle than using his car even in rainy day. The most funny is he is too secure to his safety until even he drives his motorcycle to go to shop in front our home, he still wearing helmets.

Qamarina (my cousin)

She is the best cousin that ever I have. She is already 24 years old and teaching in Sekolah Teknik Bachok. She has chubby face with fair skin tone with little bit pimple. She also has charming brown eyes and crook nose. Since that she is not jobless anymore, she is quite happy with her life and that make her weight become increase and her body chubby as her face too. She has double chin that always she tries to cover. She is such a styled young teacher which she loves to looks interest in front of her students. She wears nice baju kurung , 5’ inches heel and always make up her eyes with smokey eyes.

Sometimes when she late to school she prefer to wears ‘ Ekin Scarf ’ only but she still looks charming because she wearing a Revlon red rose lipstick . Her student’s loves to her since that she is jovial and amusing teacher. Her characteristic is just like her students and the most important she is open minded and understanding since that she is still young. Even though she is such jovial girl but she is quite sensitive. When we are watching for Korean drama she always is the first one to cry before the moments happen. We always annoying with her habit, it make our mood blight.

Asraf Hadzwan (my friend)

I guess everybody know him since that he is the most good looking persons in this IPGM Kampus Sultan Mizan. He has 6 feet of height and has fair skin. He also has brown eyes and thick eyebrow. He is one of my new friends that I got after I moved from IPGM Kampus Tengku Ampuan Afzan. Now he is trying to have moustache .That is his habit during exam seasons, he claimed that he prefer looks different during tense moments. The way he dressing is like others too, he is not branded lover or love to appear in elegantly. He prefers to wears plain long sleeves but his tie is attracting others to see him twice. He loves to wears colorful tie. I guess he loves to striking color because he also puts his lover to his sandals too. He has too many sandals in different color such red, green etc.

He has good leadership, funny and respects others like everyone is older than him even though he is older than me. Those who didn’t know him will assume him as haughty but he is such nice guy that ever I met. He is easy going persons and always lends his hand when we need help. I didn’t realize his habit but I’m always seen him listen to MP3 in his class and most of my friends said he is shy persons and that why he loves to bowing when he meets girl.

Mariatun Nabila ( my friends)

Nabila is my closest friend that ever I have since we moved to IPGM Kampus Sultan Mizan. She always visits to my room and make my room such like her room too but it okay. Nabila or Biela has well tanned skin tone, pointed nose and has around 5 feet and 5 inches of heights. She is not too chubby or too thin, normal like others Asian girl. She has round black eyes but her beauty veiled cover with her glasses. Her appearance is normal because she is not fashion victim like mostly girls faced. She love to wears light color of baju kurung and not very dare to wears striking color whether for her shirt ,baju kurung and scarf too, obviously contra than me. She wears flatted shoes to go to lecture and not forgotten with her blue cute bag.

Nabila has happy go lucky mood almost all the time, she loves to smile towards others who are looking at her. She is good friends because she is kind to her friends and caring to us. She talks to loud until people around us can surprise with her tone, for those who didn’t know her well will assume her as mini speaker. Be aware, if she soundless that means she in bad moods. She has bad habit where is , she will sneeze loudly, seriously you will surprise like others too but for me that her extraordinary that can been her identity.

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