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During windows shopping in KBMall , I went to the Body Shop and decide to buy something from the shop. It just out of blue decision and is not in my list the things that I need for this week.

But since that it about a decade (it liar) that I’m not pamper myself with the things that very expensive ( for a students like me, it quite expensive lol ) then I just let myself buy them.

The cashier ask me whether I need a bag for the things that I bought.I asked “ why”.

Actually The Body shop has a campaign that say NO to plastic bag to approach people to use reused bag to displace the usage of plastic bag.OOOOOO

So I got this paper bag!!!!!!!

Talk about paper bag. Why it popular among European?

One of the reasons why paper bags are popular is because of safety. Plastic bags have been responsible for many deaths especially for small children. This is because children are fond of playing with plastic bags and one of the ways in which they do this is to place the bags over their heads. In the event that the child is unable to free themselves fast enough, death by suffocation can occur. This is one major reason why shoppers prefer paper bags to plastic bags.

Another reason why shoppers prefer paper bags is because they are easily disposable. While plastic bags have obvious advantages, they tend to litter the house because most people reuse them. This can cause an environmental issue especially it there are wrong disposal. If disposed of wrongly especially in areas with farm animals, these animals can swallow these bags and suffer health repercussions.

One major disposal issue that environmental proponents fight about in regards to plastic bags is the way recycling plants handle them. While recycling has been welcomed by many as a safe way of getting rid of plastics that have outlived their use, it has since been discovered that they are incinerated thereby releasing harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Paper bags are light, safe and can be easily discarded after they are used. They therefore pose no threat to small children or to the environment. Although the chances of paper bags causing a fire exist, the chances are slim compared to dry grass during summer. When children play with paper bags, they end up shredding them and therefore they pose no imminent threat.

Paper bags are also extremely cost effective for the retailer and in most supermarkets, they are free with any purchase. This may not necessarily be the case with plastic bags where in countries such as Ireland, pose such an environmental hazard that an additional charge is passed on to shoppers who want to carry their grocery purchases using plastic bags.

p/s : thank you my dear busook a.k.a budak gemook for been my driver for to day..TQ for your treat tooo~~muaaaaahahahaaxxxx

How cute he is???

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